Hub City HUBLOC® Keyless Bushing System

HUBLOC® Advantages

HubLoc® Keyless Bushing System – A positive fret-free shaft connection

Versatile – Robust – Available in both Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel

When installing a shaft mounted stainless steel speed reducer on a stainless steel shaft, there is always the concern of those two components fret-welding together in a relatively short time span.  Hub City’s two newest stainless steel speed reducers, HERA®and Helical Bevel, are both available with the HubLoc® Keyless bushing system.  The HubLoc® system creates a keyless, backlash-free mechanical interference fit that eliminates the micro-movement that causes fretting and cold welding.  It is a self-centering design that achieves optimum concentricity and eliminates oscillation in shaft mounted applications.  This bushing system includes HubCap™ protective covers are made from metal-detectable plastic to support customer HACCP programs.   Tamper resistant HubCap™ protective covers are easily installed by hand and require a hand tool for removal. No additional hardware is needed.

The design of this bushing system allows for a broad range of bore sizes in a single model by providing a positive dual clamping connection with a minimum sleeve wall thickness.

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HubLoc® Keyless Bushing System – A positive fret-free shaft connection