Finder Expands its 78 Series range of Switch Mode Power Supplies

Finder has further enhanced its 78 Series range with the introduction of new high-efficiency industrial switch mode power supplies. The new Types 78.1C, 78.1D and 78.2E, all with 24 V output, now reach 240 W output power.

Unique to this range is input fuse protection in the form of a replaceable fuse directly accessible from the front panel – removing the need to install an auxiliary fuse next to the power supply, thus saving time, space and money.

The Type 78.1C delivers a rated output current and power of 5 A and 120 W respectively; the Type 78.1D rated 5.4 A and 130 W; and top-of-the-range Type 78.2E, rated 10 A and 240 W.

The Types 78.1D and 78.2E are equipped with a dual-stage active Power Factor Corrector which reduces line harmonics and optimizes the power factor.

The wide supply operating voltage range and the adjustable output voltage – from 24 to 28 V DC – make all three of these new industrial switch mode power supplies suitable for a multitude of applications, including electrical panels for industrial automation; control or measuring systems and the latest LED lighting.

These devices are equipped with thermal protection (pre-alarm and alarm) and protection against overloads and short circuits, each easily distinguishable thanks to LED indicators on the front panel. A fault status, alarm or pre-alarm condition can be remotely signalled and acted on via the auxiliary contact.

These new products enhance Finder’s existing low profile switch mode power supply range (with rated voltage of 12 V and 24 V DC, and power ratings from 12 W to 60 W) which thanks to their compact size are particularly well suited to shallow cabinets. Applications include: Building automation (opening /closing doors, windows, electric shutters, and lighting control and LEDs); Industrial automation (safety systems, low voltage sensors, relays); Service sector (LED lighting for refrigeration cabinets, CCTV surveillance equipment).

All Finder Switch Mode Power Supplies have 35mm rail mounting, and a number of models in the range incorporate a Battery Charger function.

Finder S.p.A.