Sola Hevi-Duty™ DOE 2016 Compliant Distribution Transformer Designs

Sola Hevi-Duty™ DOE 2016 Compliant Distribution Transformer Designs are now available!
SolaHD is dedicated to providing customers Hevi-Duty™ transformers of unsurpassed quality, manufactured in the United States. SolaHD continues to remain in front of these specification changes and our customers can order DOE 2016 certified units.  
Improving energy efficiency is a priority at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). With the legal authority to define energy efficiency levels and enforce manufacturers to be compliant, the DOE has established new and more stringent energy efficiency levels for distribution transformers which went into effect January 1, 2016. These new efficiency levels are expected to reduce energy losses over the previous TP-1 low-voltage dry-type distribution transformers by an average of 18% over the life of the new program. Manufacturers will not be able to produce the noncompliant units, but any TP-1 units produced as of 12-31-15 may be sold and installed. Contact your SolaHD Representative for remaining inventory of TP-1 units or to transition to new DOE 2016 compliant transformers.
Again, there are a number of changes that you need to be aware of related to this product line change:
          Although the units were redesigned to meet the more stringent efficiency ratings, we were able to maintain
the original footprint on all units.
          Part numbers have changed:
o    General Distribution and Low Temperature Rise: ET Series is now your E Series.
  i.e. ET2H45S becomes E2H45S
o    K-Factor: 3HXXT Series is now your KXXE Series.
 i.e. 3H4T2H15S becomes K4E2H15S  i.e. 3H4T2H15S becomes K4E2H15S 
To find out more on DOE 2016: